The dog has been accompanied by humans since prehistoric times, which made it familiar to humans and adapted to their behaviors and way of life in a way more special than any other living being.

A cane Corso puppy dog is considered the kind of pet that its owner will be familiar with if he takes it, and he will be considered a loyal friend

As we know that some dogs are used for guarding, and some of them are used for hunting, and some of them are used for grazing sheep and cattle, and some are used to drag sleighs in the polar regions and some of them are only for decoration and entertainment…

cane corso puppy
A group of mastiff dogs

But dogs are used for guarding like Cane Corso need special care and attention, especially small dogs.

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Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read

would you like to buy a Cane Corso puppy?

Before buying a small Cane Corso puppy and learning how to train small dogs, you should learn and know some of the prohibitions that should not occur, the first of which is not buying a puppy without knowing the characteristics of it from childhood to old age, it may be hostile or the owner of special needs, you should read information about the puppy breed and its history and health.

You must be calm to teach the puppy obedience training and the main rules, don’t be stingy because dogs love rewards and food, you must know that dogs love meeting people and other pets, and preventing them from this leads to their transformation of aggression.

cane corso puppy
Cane Corso puppy

In this article, we will try to explain the most important things you should know to deal with a Cane Corso puppy.

Beware of leaving him for a long time, as this affects his psychological well-being, and if you punish it physically, he may behave very aggressively towards you and may lead to a major failure to tame him and waste your tiredness and effort in vain. The cane Corso puppy’s age is considered to be the first three months after his birth and after it becomes a dog,

it is born eyes closed and continues for between ten days and two weeks until its eyes open, and during this period the puppies depending on the mother’s milk.

Important things about cane Corso puppy :

We must make sure that there is permanent water for the puppy and their mother, and to provide water and food with special containers for them and to ensure that it is clean.

Preserving puppies cleanliness permanently, And prevent wet scalp of his body with water, and check up it from time to time, and inspecting its bodies daily to ensure its safety, whether from diseases or infectious and pathogenic insects.

Paying attention to the cleanliness of the cane Corso puppy’s eyes, their pores, and discard of litter every day.

Training lessons :

When the cane Corso puppy is two weeks old, you should start with the training lessons :

The first lesson is to :

teach him how to take care of his need outside the home, and that will start with taking him on a tour outside the home after each meal, and repeat the process for two weeks.

The second lesson is to :

Teaching it how to play without damaging furniture and household items. cane Corso puppies when they reach the age of one month and two months tend to bite strange things, and the best solution would be to purchase a puppy game that can be bitten and not easily damaged.

The third lesson is to :

teaching it to sit and be difficult in the beginning, as dogs should not be taught more than one thing at the same time, in order to it’s not be distracted.

 You must choose the appropriate time to throw the order, meaning that you do not throw the matter to the puppy while he is playing or eating because he will ignore you and with time it will turn to disrespect you.

4 week old Cane Corso puppies

When should you start training?

You can directly train the cane Corso dog after he exceeds the age of five months so that he can absorb the complex training lessons, as he is that age is mentally and physically eligible to receive different lessons.

One of the things that should be mentioned is that the dog breeder should immediately take these lessons after he has succeeded in training his dog in some simple basic exercises.