The behavior of a King Corso Dog :

King Corso is a Guard and protection dog, it provokes the stupor of people who meet it because of its powerful musculature, its imposing appearance, its proud look and its massive head supported by a thick neck. Firm but fair conduct allows him to be placed at his right level in the family hierarchy.

Great athlete, King Corso needs to be able to exert himself, he is able to shine in agility or the sporty bite. The standard does not exaggerate when it describes the strength, the distinction, the intrepid courage of the cane corso.

Two King Corso Dog
Two King Corso Dog

His education requires a very firm hand because this dog is very dominant, especially the male. King corso must integrate the concepts of prohibitions very early on as well as his place in the family hierarchy. It is then essential to make it stick to it. His socialization must also be precocious and perfect, especially if he has to live with other people, a situation he naturally hates. Don’t pick up a puppy anywhere! When buying it, you must absolutely choose a reputable breeder and ensure that the parents of your future animal have been found free from coxo-femoral dysplasia

King Corso barks little :

As surprising as it may seem, the Cane Corso is not a big barker. Even if he will be able to alert the presence of a stranger by barking, it is not a behavior that he perpetuates in his daily life. If it is located in a stable and peaceful environment, with regular outings to work out, the Cane Corso is relatively calm in nature.

Your puppy will be growing until an average age of 18 months. This is an extremely important step since it will multiply its birth weight by 50. It is therefore essential to regulate its speed of growth so as not to cause an imbalance between the evolution of its weight and the development of its skeleton. During its growth, the puppy multiplies approximately by 50 its birth weight. Due to this rapid growth, its nutritional requirements are high.

During its development, the puppy’s skeleton grows and mineralizes. Care must, therefore, be taken to avoid any calcium deficit, but without going into the opposite excess, which is as harmful to growth as a deficiency.

The only food that provides all the nutrients the King Corso puppy needs is dehydrated food and it is also important to respect the food provided by the breeder. If for personal reasons you absolutely want to change your diet, do it very gradually. By mixing a little of his new food with the old ones, then gradually increase this dose.

Adopt a King Corso :

Despite its undeniable qualities, it is important to remember that adopting a dog must be a thoughtful decision. This decision must be made with full knowledge of the facts, and it is important to know the ins and outs. Even if the Cane Corso is not considered a dangerous dog, it still requires an adapted education which requires time and energy. For more information, see our article: Are you ready to adopt a puppy?

King Corso puppy
King Corso puppy

King Corso adapts to all situations, in the city as in the countryside, particularly clean, excellent guardian, sure of himself, of his strength and courageous, he shows no unnecessary aggressiveness, not bellicose towards his congeners, who barks only wisely, particularly dissuasive, tender, patient and protective with children, and very obedient, balanced, he learns very quickly.

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