Cane Corso Size 150+lbs – Weight, Height, Chest, Length

king cane corso size

what’s the size of Cane Corso? All dogs in the world are known for their height and weight. Owning and raising a dog is the most beautiful and exciting thing, which includes size, shape, color, personality, and the goal of raising a dog. Over time, humans have added many different dogs from different geographic locations […]

Qualities of the Cane Corso blue or Azul

king cane corso blue azul

Cane Corso Azul or Cane Corso Blue, as these beautiful animals are also called, is the product of the dilution of the black color, so that Cane Corso Azul can be solid gray or brindle blue. As such, they are not a separate race, this distinction is used to differentiate them into groups. It is […]

3 best characters of king cane Corso dog

Black king cane corso dog

massive and powerful, the “king cane Corso”, or Italian court dog, impresses as much by its build as by its character filled with sweetness. But who is he really? We take stock!