Qualities of the Cane Corso blue or Azul

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Cane Corso Azul or Cane Corso Blue, as these beautiful animals are also called, is the product of the dilution of the black color, so that Cane Corso Azul can be solid gray or brindle blue. As such, they are not a separate race, this distinction is used to differentiate them into groups. It is […]

Cane Corso dog Care

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The Italian Corsican dog is also known by the name of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff and it is without a doubt, with the Neapolitan Mastiff, one of the most impressive breeds of dogs of the Italian bulldog type. Its name derives from the Latin “cohors” which means “protector, guardian of the corral”. If you […]

How to find your Cane Corso

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Profile of the Cane Corso Life expectancy: 9 to 14 yearsCharacter: docile, loyal and strong protective instinctHeight at withers: 60 to 68 cmWeight: 40 to 50 kgColors: black, different shades of gray, deer red as well as fawn and brindle How to find your Cane Corso If you have decided to move to a Cane […]

Best Tips for educating a Cane Corso

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Cane Corso is a very good keeper, shaped by centuries of history and in addition, it imposes! But it is far from being reduced to that…This article, written with the help of a Cane Corso owner, will help you find out if this dog breed is right for you.Cane Corso for sale, Cane Corso to […]

Health nutrition for Cane Corso Dog

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Characteristics of the breed The Cane Corso (or Corso) is a serious breed for a person who takes seriously the fact of having a dog as a companion and who can offer him firmness and love so that he becomes a superb dog. It is a strictly family dog, do not expect him to become […]

Who’s the best Cane Corso VS Rottweiler

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Cane Corso or king corso vs Rottweiler dog. 🙋‍♂️Hello Friends in this video we Compare Characteristics of two guard dogs , cane corso and rottweiler. This kind of video is new, we hope you enjoyed it 🙏 if you have read this description : write us a motivational comment or suggest something about the videos. […]

King Corso dog: The main health problems

King corso dog

King Corso dog Between danger and security: If King Corso dog is placed in the right hands, it can prove to be a great family dog ​​and a wonderful companion for children. Soft, calm, affectionate, faithful, patient, obedient … he has all the qualities that can be sought in a dog. Very protective, he is […]