accessories for the Cane Corso

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Origins of Cane Corso The Cane Corso has a long and glorious history and is in a way a treasure of ancient Rome. He descends directly from the molosses (Canis Pugnax) who accompanied the Roman legions and fought lions and gladiators in the arenas. These dogs were later used as watchdogs for cow herds and […]

Health nutrition for Cane Corso Dog

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Characteristics of the breed The Cane Corso (or Corso) is a serious breed for a person who takes seriously the fact of having a dog as a companion and who can offer him firmness and love so that he becomes a superb dog. It is a strictly family dog, do not expect him to become […]

Who’s the best Cane Corso VS Rottweiler

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Cane Corso or king corso vs Rottweiler dog. 🙋‍♂️Hello Friends in this video we Compare Characteristics of two guard dogs , cane corso and rottweiler. This kind of video is new, we hope you enjoyed it 🙏 if you have read this description : write us a motivational comment or suggest something about the videos. […]

Cane Corso puppy: 7 tips to Educate it

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How to educate your cane corso puppy? The Cane Corso is a very pleasant dog to live with, but for that, some essential rules that we propose above are essential.Indeed a puppy is a fragile being whose growth is not over and you must not relax your attention to its diet, health, hygiene, and education. […]

Cane Corso: how to choose his croquettes

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The Cane Corso has a strong temperament, so he can be as much of a calm nature as very active, he will be able to adapt to his master. It is an excellent balanced watchdog and will remain vigilant by scanning the environment, however, it can also be careful with strangers. He is a loyal […]

3 best characters of king cane Corso dog

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massive and powerful, the “king cane Corso”, or Italian court dog, impresses as much by its build as by its character filled with sweetness. But who is he really? We take stock!

Features of the Cane Corso

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Are you interested in Cane Corso Dog? The dog is the best friend of the Man according to the saying. It is said to be faithful, certainly, an emotional relationship is often formed between the master and the dog, provided that it is well trained. Just behind the cat, the dog comes second among the […]

How to take care of a Cane Corso Dog

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The Cane Corso dog is a breed that does not require much care. It is also possible to say that the hairs of the cane Corso do not normally create an allergy. It is very important to choose this breed too, as our dogs are very likely to be inside the house. The care a […]

Best Ideas for Educating a Cane Corso

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Education most often involves the use of games in order to develop all of one’s senses. Cane Corso Dog needs to learn the limits you allow. Thus, training must be done from an early age so that it can more easily obey adulthood. After a few weeks, the Cane Corso can explore the world through […]