Cane Corso Azul or Cane Corso Blue, as these beautiful animals are also called, is the product of the dilution of the black color, so that Cane Corso Azul can be solid gray or brindle blue. As such, they are not a separate race, this distinction is used to differentiate them into groups.

cane corso blue

It is an excellent watchdog if it is well educated since its beginnings, it is a good companion. Dogs of this quintessential breed are affectionate and of very good character. Despite their size, if they are treated well, they are very docile and endowed with great intelligence.

Discover the facets of this magnificent animal as well as its best qualities, we will adequately illustrate how you should take care of it from the moment it reaches your home until adulthood, follow us and find out more about this incredible watchdog.

The Cane Corso Blue is an ancient Italian canine variety that was created to protect, breed and hunt ferocious animals such as wild boar, this dog has the potential to become an excellent four-legged friend for an experienced owner who has a large yard. with Security.

Cane Corso Blue and its qualities:

cane corso blue azul forest

The Cane Corso was bred for big game hunting, especially for big boar hunting. You need minimal preparation and a moderate amount of exercise.

The Blue Cane Corso is a breed related to Mastiff type dogs. It was developed in Italy, and they have in their origins that it descends from Roman war dogs. This large canine was bred to hunt, keep property and work with livestock.


They are excellent companions and guard dogs. If properly treated, the experience of such a dog is unique, not comparable to something similar by extraordinary intelligence. They are much better with children than other large breeds of dogs.

Qualities of the Cane Corso Azul:

cane corso blue puppy

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