King Corso dog: The main health problems

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King corso dog

King Corso dog Between danger and security:

If King Corso dog is placed in the right hands, it can prove to be a great family dog ​​and a wonderful companion for children. Soft, calm, affectionate, faithful, patient, obedient … he has all the qualities that can be sought in a dog. Very protective, he is able to defend formidably his territory as well as his family. However, there are no cases where extreme necessity.

King corso dog
king cane corso dogs

On the other hand, if the King Corso dog is educated to bring out its aggressiveness, it can become a real public danger. Very intelligent, he needs a firm education but without violence in order to be able to channel his energy and his dominant instinct. Indeed, this watchdog par excellence must never take over from its master, under penalty of becoming completely unmanageable. In addition, its socialization must be carried out from a very young age, the king Cane Corso dog can easily be distrustful, even fearful in the face of unknown situations.

3 health problems confront King Corso dog :

Although king Corso dog is a solid and robust dog, cut for hunting and guarding, it is nonetheless sensitive in terms of health. It is in particular genetically predisposed to pathologies that can be serious and requiring heavy long-term treatments.

  • Prolapse of the nictitating gland: this eye disease affects almost three-quarters of very young king Corso dog before their first birthday. It concerns one of the two lacrimal glands, that linked to the nictitating membrane which is the dog’s third eyelid. It is difficult to identify the origin of the pathology, but it seems to be favored by certain genetic factors and by severe dryness of the eyes. Generally, it first affects only one eye before becoming bilateral. However, to avoid the spread of the disease to the second eye, the veterinarian can intervene upstream and carry out a prophylactic intervention. This is to protect the nictitating gland from inflammation. If this fails, surgery will be required.
  • Hip dysplasia: this disease is very common among large dogs like King Corso dog. It affects the hip joint and is manifested by severe pain, severe lameness and rapid fatigue when exerted. The pathology can only be diagnosed by imaging tests after anesthesia. A joint gap is clearly visible at the head of the femur, which can trigger very invalid and painful arthritis. There are treatments to relieve the pain of the animal and depending on its severity, the insertion of a prosthesis by surgery may be necessary. However, this is a very expensive operation.
  • Digestive disorders: king Corso dog is also relatively sensitive to digestive disorders. Twists in the stomach are not uncommon and unfortunately fatal if not treated urgently
health cane corso

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