Cane Corso is a truly legendary breed, as they are direct descendants of Roman fighting dogs. It belongs to the mastiff type, and is “cousin” compared to the Neapolitan mastiff. Many dog breeders believe that the breed was born naturally, but with the help of human intervention. You could say that people intervened in the process at a certain stage of development and pointed it in the right direction. Cane Corso has changed little in 2000 years. In addition, both externally and internally.


Training Cane Corso:

The Cane Corso dog breed is very intelligent and can therefore be taught to a wide variety of teams. Plus, if you create the right relationship with your pet, sometimes you don’t even need a team – the dog will understand what the owner expects. On the other hand, this requires good education and a firm leadership position.

cane corso in beach
cane corso

To do this, try to apply the commands more often in everyday life, for example, if you want to give an animal a tasty treat, first command “sit”, and only after the command has been assigned, reward your pet. In addition, at an early age you will have to face attempts at domination, and here you will also have to prove yourself as a strong and confident leader. Aggression, negative attitude are not allowed, because the dog will not love you and will not respect you.

cane corso in garden
cane corso

Do not give toys until the animal fulfills the order, do not delay the meal if he does not want to obey you or behaves disgustingly, do not hesitate to lecture him and behave strictly when necessary, and most importantly, never be afraid of your dog.

cane corso plays in the lake

If you don’t know how to be confident next to a big dog, it’s best to start a small one. Another tip is to develop independence and self-confidence, starting in adolescence, leave your pet alone, for a short time, in an apartment or in the yard, if you have a private home. It will do him good.

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