The Cane Corso dog is a breed that does not require much care.

It is also possible to say that the hairs of the cane Corso do not normally create an allergy.

It is very important to choose this breed too, as our dogs are very likely to be inside the house.

The care a cane Corso dog requires:

Care a Dog

There are many tricks to intensify the colors. Be very careful. Most are acidic. They get results instantly by burning hair and skin. Today you see it with intense color, but in a short time becomes a spoiled, dull and rough coat. If the main thing in your cane Corso Dog is color retention, bathe it whenever it gets dirty with a good color enhancing shampoo.

The most important thing :

is to use a neutral shampoo with a Ph.

The best ph for cane Corso is PH 7.

Shampoos to give shine have no dyes or are not aggressive. You can use them as often as you like.

It protects new hair that grows so that it is healthy, strong and shiny. It is not an immediate solution, but in the medium term, it is final. It is also important to clean the ears in each bath. I use a good cleaning liquid in the ears to help dissolve earwax. Let sit for a few minutes, then remove everything. This will leave perfect ears.

After rinsing is very good to use a good shampoo that hydrates. Dissolve the moisturizing paste in water and introduce the mixture into a good spray bottle. It is always good that it is a product that respects the pH of your skin. We have already commented that the ph of the skin of the cane Corso Dog is PH 7.

King Corso puppy

Hydrate a lot, nourish, protect and help recompose damaged hair from our cane Corso Dog. These are excellent, high-quality products.

Important :

This is very important, do not think that the bath will provide all the necessary hydration. Your skin and coat cannot get all the nutrients they need from the blood, they are permanently dehydrated. It is very important to apply external moisturizers frequently. Otherwise, it will become coarser, with loss of shine and body. And that we do not want hydrated and soft hair, for our puppies and adults Cane Corso Dog.


Spray hair moisturizer abundantly whenever you need it so that it is absorbed by the skin.

That way, you will always get incredible hair quality.

If you do it every two or three days, the hair will ask you to spray your moisturizer. Use one that does not require rinsing. Brush the cane Corso frequently.

Use one of these spray brushes with your favorite moisturizer and get used to spraying it a little whenever you need it. This practice, combined with proper hydration, will shorten the molting period. So less damaged hair and more quality hair.

Cane Corso Dog; Good skin and good hair :

Good skin and good hair have a genetic basis, but above all it is the price of good maintenance. The time we have before an exhibition is essential. This is why we will prepare it over time and above all not neglect the color. Objectively compare the color of your dog with that of the winners. Do not present a dog with faded color, without luster.

Most amazing Cane Corso Dogs

The color “is also made and maintained”. It is very practical for transporting colored chalk, sprays, bars or powder in your display case. It is also very good to touch up with stripes with chalk or any other mark that appears on your coat.

Once the bath is finished and five minutes before entering the ring, spray a polishing spray so that the dog enters with an ideal shine. A discolored truffle has a very bad effect.

Use a varnish that gives a magic shine so that your cane Corso Dog can shine in the best shows and rings in the world.

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