The cane corso is a dog breed that originated in Italy. Strong and observant, he is an excellent watchdog. Although this animal is actually gentle and gracious, his impressive figure has earned him an overrated reputation.

Loyal and loyal dog, he can’t stand the long separation. In appearance, Italian style dominates. These Mediterranean dogs are tailored specifically for hunting, but they can also be cute companion dogs. What does it look like?

The physical appearance of Cane Corso

At first glance, the cane corso dog is recognizable. The cane corso sport is strong and powerful, and is also characterized by its natural and elegant jacket. Because of its strength and sturdiness, it is often regarded as a watchdog. Smart dogs, especially loyal dogs, are used as trackers or police dogs. As for his size, it is 57 to 65 cm for women and 63 to 70 cm for men.

Females weigh about 45 kilograms, and males can weigh up to 60 kilograms. It usually exhibits a short coat with gray, black, or yellowish undertones. It has a wide and slightly curved skull. Its muzzle is deep and open. The ears of Cane Corso are flipped forward from the head. Its tail is thick, but the tip is thin.

Distinctive characteristics of Cane Corso Dog

Physically speaking, the Cane Corso dog is a very strong and energetic dog. In order to maintain his figure and physical condition, he needs a lot of space. In addition to athleticism, Cane Corso is a calm and moving animal. It is important to keep these dogs strong and not to be impressed by the appearance of his beaten dog. Born to be stubborn, he must be strictly indoctrinated. As long as he socializes as early as possible, he likes to be with other dogs. From a morphological point of view, cane Corso is part of the giant dog category. His muscles are impressive and he needs a balanced diet. He is not the kind of dog that often barks and does not drool. Integrate your dog into the Cane Corso Club for a successful education.

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