A Cane Corso puppies will share or recently share your life and, as a good friend, you want to offer him the best in terms of food so that his growth goes smoothly and that he becomes a superb adult dog?

cane corso puppy
cane corso puppy

This article is an opportunity to get to know this superb breed of dogs and give you all our nutrition tips.

Learn more about Cane Corso:

The Cane Corso is descended from a Roman breed of dog that was once used in war. It is now one of two Italian breeds of the “Mastiff” type, with the Neapolitan Mastiff, which descends from this war dog. The Cane Corso is the lightest version and is more suitable for hunting.
The breed was on the verge of extinction when it was saved by enthusiasts in the 1970s. It has been crossed with selected breeds, and as a result, it is a Cane Corso very different from Cane Corso d before the 1970s.

cane corso puppies dog
cane corso puppies dog

The Cane Corso is a robust dog of medium to large size. It has a broad head with a square muzzle as wide as it is long, which gives the Cane Corso superior bite force.
Its coat is dense and stiff, generally black, light or dark gray, or fawn, red or brindle, light or dark. White spots are common and are accepted by the LOF on the chest, toes, chin, and nose.

Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
Size: 58 to 70 cm
Weight: 40 to 50 kg

The food of the Cane Corso puppies:

During the growth phase, it is essential to offer your Cane Corso puppies complete and high-quality food.

In one year, cane Corso dog can weigh up to 70 times his birth weight, a healthy and balanced diet is, therefore, essential to guarantee him a harmonious and healthy growth. This especially prevents bone problems due to poor development during the growth phase, such as hip dysplasia or stunted growth.

king corso puppies

Even if the growth phase requires a greater caloric need, you must know how to dose Cane Corso puppies. Thus, it is necessary to avoid proposing an “all you can eat” diet for purebred dogs, but rather to ration meals.

king corso puppy

The diet should be rich in meat, nutrients, and protein, but rather low in fat. Favor good quality proteins to guarantee good digestion and a faster feeling of fullness. The croquettes must also contain a large portion of vitamins and trace elements. Otherwise, they will need to be administered as a dietary supplement.

Also, it is essential to adapt the size and texture of the kibble according to the size and strength of your dog’s jaw.


In order to avoid any health problem, special attention must be paid to the feeding of the Cane Corso which must imperatively be adapted and reserved for large dogs such as the Optimus Puppy kibbles with or without cereals, the reference Large Breed Puppy from Purina Dog Chow or Royal Canin Giant Junior kibble.

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