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The dog is the best friend of the Man according to the saying. It is said to be faithful, certainly, an emotional relationship is often formed between the master and the dog, provided that it is well trained. Just behind the cat, the dog comes second among the most popular domestic animals by the French: there were 7.26 million dogs in 2014. On the podium of the favorites, the Labrador comes first in front of the little Yorkshire terrier, himself ahead of the Jack Russel terrier.

cane corso dog
cane corso dog

Contrary to popular belief, the dog does not necessarily need to have a large outdoor space where it can frolic because the size of the dog is very variable ranging from 10 cm to more than 80 cm at the withers, and a small kilogram to over 140 kg! Obviously, their needs will not be the same. Besides, there is a very wide variety of breeds (more than 300) which are either natural or from crosses.

As you discover the dogs, you will find that they have been the subject of a family choice, the living home, despite everything, most often in the countryside. Will you fall for the touching truffle of a young puppy?

Features of the Cane Corso:

A large dog, the Cane Corso has the following weight and size characteristics:

king cane Corso dog

The Black Cane Corso dog is a powerful and robust dog. Its longevity is a dozen years. His body, neck, and limbs are very muscular. Its head is typical of the mastiff, with a large skull and a black muzzle. Its jaws are powerful and wide. His coat is short and shiny and his coat can be black gray, fawn or brindle.

Excellent guard and protection dog, the Cane Corso is calm and balanced. His power and strength require rigorous education and an experienced master. Athletic, the Cane Corso needs exercise and will be more comfortable in a house with a garden.

The body of the Cane Corso :

The Black Cane Corso has long been used as a watchdog. He defended his family members, their homes and their livestock. His physique is relatively impressive. It is a medium to large dog: the males are 64-68 cm for 45-50 kg and the females 60-64 cm for 40-45 kg. Their snout is short but powerful. Slightly dangling lips cover a large, thick jaw. The cheek muscles are clearly visible.

Black cane corso

The body of the Cane Corso has a rectangular appearance (longer than it is tall). The chest is very developed. It goes down to the elbows. The neck is long and solid. It is extended by a muscular back and a very wide rump. The limbs are flexible and thick. Their ends end in very compact cat feet.

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