The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a large breed dog of the moloso type. Its origin is Roman and since ancient times, it is distinguished by its majestic appearance and intelligence. This breed is the faithful protector of its masters, it will be a good companion if you are looking for a guard dog.

cane corso black
cane corso black

You have to know a lot before adopting it, because its character is dominant and does not suit anyone. Being almost essential, have previous experience in dog training. Do you want to know all the details of the breed? Let’s go!

Character and personality of Cane Corso

cane corso photography

Many people think it is a dangerous breed, because ferocious specimens have been bred for centuries for war; In this way, no effort was made to socialize it properly.

As a result, these are somewhat dominant, proud and stubborn dogs, characteristics that can make coexistence difficult if you don’t train them well. Also, remember that you are a watchdog, so you tend to make decisions on your own.

cane corso dog
cane corso dog

Despite this, the Italian Mastiff is an intelligent, loyal and affectionate dog with its owners. He controls his emotions very well and does not easily feel fear, because it is fairly balanced.

He is receptive to orders, especially if he is well trained. It is recommended for active families and even with children, as it is generally very affectionate with them. Remember to teach the little ones how to treat the dog with respect and watch when they play together.

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