Timing of Ear Cropping in Cane Corso: What You Need to Know

crop ears

The Cane Corso is a large and powerful breed of dog, known for its distinctive appearance and erect ears. Ear cropping is a common practice among Cane Corso owners, but it is important to understand the right time to have this procedure performed. In this article, we will examine the timing of ear cropping in […]

Cane Corso puppy: 7 tips to Educate it

blue eyes cane corso puppy

How to educate your cane corso puppy? The Cane Corso is a very pleasant dog to live with, but for that, some essential rules that we propose above are essential.Indeed a puppy is a fragile being whose growth is not over and you must not relax your attention to its diet, health, hygiene, and education. […]

How to grow your cane Corso puppies

cane corso puppies dog

A Cane Corso puppies will share or recently share your life and, as a good friend, you want to offer him the best in terms of food so that his growth goes smoothly and that he becomes a superb adult dog? This article is an opportunity to get to know this superb breed of dogs […]