cane corso when to crop ears

crop ears

Home For Cane Corso owners, clipping their dog’s ears is a personal choice. Cropping Cane Corso’s ears is a common practice and can be done for aesthetic or other reasons. Looking back at the breeding history of these dogs, this is just a given. Why? Cane Corso dogs’ ears are not inherently floppy – these […]

Cane Corso training

cane corso puppy

Like most defense dogs, the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is mainly characterized by its large size and its robust and robust silhouette, reinforcing a seasoned and protective personality while denoting an elegant and balanced appearance. A harmonious combination that makes you look very confident. Let’s see in detail the physical aspects that characterize this […]

Cane Corso puppy: 7 tips to Educate it

blue eyes cane corso puppy

How to educate your cane corso puppy? The Cane Corso is a very pleasant dog to live with, but for that, some essential rules that we propose above are essential.Indeed a puppy is a fragile being whose growth is not over and you must not relax your attention to its diet, health, hygiene, and education. […]

How to grow your cane Corso puppies

cane corso puppies dog

A Cane Corso puppies will share or recently share your life and, as a good friend, you want to offer him the best in terms of food so that his growth goes smoothly and that he becomes a superb adult dog? This article is an opportunity to get to know this superb breed of dogs […]