For Cane Corso owners, clipping their dog’s ears is a personal choice. Cropping Cane Corso’s ears is a common practice and can be done for aesthetic or other reasons.

Looking back at the breeding history of these dogs, this is just a given. Why? Cane Corso dogs’ ears are not inherently floppy – these have been inbred with dogs for many centuries.

Therefore, clipping the ears of these dogs is to restore the breed to its natural state in terms of ear appearance.

What does cut off an ear mean? Trimming involves cutting off the floppy part of the dog’s ear, also known as the pinna. The goal is to keep the dog’s ears up instead of hanging down.

Ear clipping is usually done with the ears pricked up, an effect that creates a standard look for some breeds, such as the American Shepherd. B. Doberman Pinscher. This is a contentious issue, with proponents and opponents alike against the practice.

The case of clipping ears:

These dogs are traditionally hunted with their owners. During these outings, the dog’s floppy ears were often caught in thorns and thorns, so owners started clipping the ears.

Today, owners still cut off their ears to protect dogs from injury, as they are energetic dogs who can easily clash with other dogs and tear their ears in the process.

Trimming Cane Corso’s ears not only prevents injuries, but can also lead to a healthier life for your dog by helping prevent ear infections, repeat veterinary visits, and administering antibiotics to your dog.

Puppies are usually sheared between 8-12 weeks of age. While it is possible to dock larger puppies/dogs, as the puppies mature, the weight of the drooping ears begins to break down the cartilage. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to keep the ears upright when the puppy is pinched at an older age.

how to choose a vet for Correct Cane Corso ear Cropping:

Choosing a veterinarian to trim your Cane Corso puppy’s ears is a very important decision. While there are many veterinarians who can and will do ear planting, not many know what a Cane Corso is or what a proper Corso crop should be. We strongly recommend making sure your veterinarian has extensive experience with Cane Corso plants and can show you at least 4-5 photos of their adult Cane Corso dog clippings. We’ve seen too many dogs get bad harvests from vets who claim to know what they’re doing.

Procedure to crop ears:

Clipping ears is a simple process. The dog is sedated and the area around the ear is numb so the dog doesn’t feel anything. The ears were cut off, and the incisions were sutured under anesthesia.

The veterinarian will clip the rest of the dog’s ears to a railing or other hard surface to help keep the ears upright. The process takes about 15 minutes.