Like most defense dogs, the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is mainly characterized by its large size and its robust and robust silhouette, reinforcing a seasoned and protective personality while denoting an elegant and balanced appearance. A harmonious combination that makes you look very confident.

cane corso puppy

Let’s see in detail the physical aspects that characterize this breed.

Cane Corso Puppies:

Puppies of this breed are adorable. These are dogs that require attention and above all a good education. Training at an early age will provide this breed with an even more balanced behavior than that which it maintains by nature.

cane corso puppy
cane corso puppy

Accustoming him to have contact with other people, animals, and surroundings will allow him to recognize the places he frequents and that will not make him feel strange in front of them.

In addition to this, monitoring aspects such as exercise and diet since their growth will ensure that they remain healthy until they become adults.

cane Corso training:

The subject of training at Cane Corso is elementary, it will no doubt depend on whether you can adapt to any activity and, even more, socialize with other people. It is advisable to start training from the third week of life and from there do it continuously until it reaches twelve weeks.

brindle cane corso

A practical and effective continuous training in this race will allow to obtain a friendly animal. Failing to educate the Cane Corso, it will become a suspicious, rebellious and perhaps aggressive animal.

It should also be noted that the training of these animals is very entertaining. It is an intelligent and obedient breed, so basic and advanced teachings will not be hindered.

cane corso run

It should not be forgotten that the best way to train this breed, like the others, is by positive reinforcement if obvious results are desired. If we do this aggressively, we may risk receiving a negative response from our dog.

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