How big do Cane Corso Size get

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cane corso size

How big do Cane Corso Size get?..Wonderful guard dog. Loyal to its owner and family, but reserved for strangers. It has a natural protective effect. He can distinguish between enemies and friends. Usually a quiet dog, However, if he encounters a strange situation (for example, a person near the house), he will start barking. He needs a professional coach because he inspires his coach to know his limits. Control the lover.

brindle cane corso

This dog needs to socialize with his species and children when he is young He also needs continuous obedience training, which is part of his life. In addition to being an excellent guard dog, he is also a first-class socialite It must be part of family activities, not isolated from it In order not to damage his mental health and damage his training. His character is also very strong, so he will not escape anyone’s fight. He is also a sports dog and needs to exercise every day, but he is satisfied.

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How big do cane corsos get?

Cane Corso‘s shoulders are nearly 28 inches, usually weighing more than 100 pounds, with a large head, alert, and rippling muscles under his short, stiff coat, clearly visible. Their majestic appearance is their first line of defense against intruders. Cane Corso is witty, loyal, pleasing, versatile, and loyal to his human being, but decisive and willful, and can eventually have an unwitting owner. As with any other large guardian dog, responsible breeding and early socialization with people and other dogs are essential.

cane corso size
cane corso size

Cane Corso Size :

the weight:

  • It depends on the size but the rate is
  • For male (35 to 40 kg)
  • For female (40 to 45 kg)


  • Male (64 to 68 cm)
  • Female (60 to 64 cm)

Cane Corso size measurements:

king cane corso black dogs beside lake

The height of the male dog
63 – 70 cm
Month dog height
60 – 66 cm
The weight of an adult male dog
41 – 55 kg
Feminine dog weight
41 – 55 kg
middle age
9 – 12 years

Cane Corso Outpatient Care Assessment – grading is done using a scale from 1 to 5:

The saliva of the dog
The rate of hair change
Ease of care for hair, skin and bathing
Tendency to gain weight

Assessment of the adaptation of the Cane Corso dog to the surrounding environment – classification is done using a scale from 1 to 5:

Coping with hot weather
Coping with cold weather
Kindness towards children
Friendliness towards dogs
Friendliness towards strangers

Evaluation of the Cane Corso dog in terms of training and behavior – classification is done using a scale from 1 to 5:

Ease of training the dog
Dog intelligence
Tendency to bark
Dog’s energy level
The dog’s need for constant exercise
A dog’s tendency to play

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Cane corso Size – weight height

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