what’s the size of Cane Corso? All dogs in the world are known for their height and weight. Owning and raising a dog is the most beautiful and exciting thing, which includes size, shape, color, personality, and the goal of raising a dog.

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Over time, humans have added many different dogs from different geographic locations to play certain roles. From hunters to guards, from herds to companions and friends. For some of these breeds, size is an important factor in finding perfection and excitement for dogs, whether the goal is to hunt large or fast-food animals or to guard their homes with a little bit of intimidation.

The growth of Cane Corso :

Large dogs such as Cane Corso will grow rapidly. Therefore, this hound weighs only 600 grams at birth, and its weight can be multiplied by 70 as an adult. However, as they grow, the weight of males and females will vary. Therefore, as shown above, the weight of the first one will be more important.

Cane Corso weight:

At birth, male sugarcane weighs about 600 grams. However, this weight will change and display the following:

3 months between 15.6 kg and 17.1 kg;

6 months between 28.9 kg and 31.5 kg;

9 months between 38 kg and 41 kg;

Between 44 kg and 49 kg in 15 months;

Between 45 and 50 kg in 19 months. In fact, the growth of sugarcane colloids ended after 19 months.

Cane Corso Size:

Cane Corso size