How to educate your cane corso puppy?

The Cane Corso is a very pleasant dog to live with, but for that, some essential rules that we propose above are essential.
Indeed a puppy is a fragile being whose growth is not over and you must not relax your attention to its diet, health, hygiene, and education. A few months of work today will assure you 10 years of happiness to come …

The puppy’s cleanliness:

cane corso puppy
cane corso puppy

To educate your puppy to be clean quickly, start by taking him out immediately after he has finished eating, then gradually increase this time.


cane corso puppies dog
cane corso puppies dog

Your cane Corso puppy’s health requires a few simple daily gestures on your part, gestures that will ensure good hygiene, and allow better identification of abnormal signs indicating an illness.

Clean eyes:

Cane Corso puppy

A compress moistened with clear water or a cleansing eye lotion is enough to cleanse the area around the eyes. For long-haired dogs, you can cut the hair that comes too close to the cornea. If the discharge becomes larger or takes on a yellowish color, if the eye becomes red or if your dog keeps an eye closed, a consultation with the veterinarian is necessary.

Clean ears:

blue eyes cane corso puppy
blue eyes cane corso puppy

For dogs with ear disease or to clean their ears, there are products in the form of drops to instill in the ears (a light massage will follow to make the product penetrate well). The use of cotton swabs is absolutely prohibited. Instead of cleaning the ear, it causes a plug of earwax that only the veterinarian can remove.

Cut the claws:

cane corso puppy
cane corso puppy

The claw growth is continuous. The normal activity of the dog must be able to ensure its abrasion. If not, the claws make noise when the dog walks. They must then be cut with a claw cutter. This is not an easy thing to do, and a demonstration by your veterinarian can be helpful.

Important to know: teeth

king corso puppy

The cane Corso puppy has 32 teeth. The dog has 42.
It takes 7 months for the dog to acquire its final teeth of 42 teeth: it is said to have a “mouth made”.
Baby teeth fall out easily. Do not worry if you do not find them: the puppy swallows them and rejects them naturally.

Important to know:

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