The Cane Corso has a strong temperament, so he can be as much of a calm nature as very active, he will be able to adapt to his master. It is an excellent balanced watchdog and will remain vigilant by scanning the environment, however, it can also be careful with strangers.

biggest cane corso
cane corso dog

He is a loyal and loyal dog to his family

  • ID card
  • Male size: 64 to 68 cm
  • Female size: 60 to 64 cm
  • Male weight: 45 to 50 kg
  • Female weight: 40 to 45 kg
  • Color:
  • Many colors are accepted
  • Hair:
    Short and very tight. Presence of an undercoat
  • Longevity:
    12 years
  • Risk of disease:
    Hip dysplasia; osteoarticular pathologies during growth; eye conditions
  • Food:
    About 500 g of kibble per day
  • Grooming:
    Weekly brushing

What croquettes for your Cane Corso?


In addition to the basic food needs specific to all dogs, such as the nutrients and vitamins, necessary for its balance, the Cane Corso has needs specific to its breed. To choose the right croquettes, we will therefore recommend:

Fat-rich kibbles to give your dog enough energy during physical exertion. As well as limiting the quantities to give to promote good digestion.

Kibbles that promote good health of its joints and cartilage:

especially omega 3, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are perfect for maintaining the joints and cartilage of Cane Corso. Vitamin C strengthens the production of collagen, which allows dogs to have healthy cartilage.


Kibbles that promote the good development of the puppy during its growth:

be aware that overeating can be harmful to Cane Corso because it causes a growth rate that is far too great, and generates bone malformations. Likewise, avoid supplementing the puppy’s diet with sources of calcium or vitamin D. Vitamins and trace elements in good quantity are therefore to be preferred during the growth of Cane Corso.

Are you looking for the best kibble for your Cane Corso? Rule number 1:

king corso puppies

to feed your Cane Corso well, you must first know it! The Cane Corso is a large dog that indeed requires kibbles adapted to its metabolism and its morphology. This large mastiff also grows quite quickly, and Cane Corso puppies need carefully selected kibbles in order to grow in the best conditions. If you are considering adopting a Cane Corso, these tips will help you get to know the specifics of this breed and provide your dog with the nutrition it needs to develop properly.

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