The Italian Corsican dog is also known by the name of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff and it is without a doubt, with the Neapolitan Mastiff, one of the most impressive breeds of dogs of the Italian bulldog type. Its name derives from the Latin “cohors” which means “protector, guardian of the corral”.

cane corso sad
cane corso

If you are considering adopting a cane Corso, it will be essential that you first study the character, the training, the physical characteristics it possesses, and even the possible health problems which affect the breed on a regular basis. Only in this way do you guarantee a good adaptation to your interior. Read on in this Animal Expert dossier to learn all about cane Corso.

Cane Corso Care:

cane corso run

The corso cane is a very simple care dog, because we will not need to devote long hours to its maintenance. However, it is important to know some basic details to know what to consider before adopting one.

To start, it will be essential to brush it every week to remove dead hair. We will use short, soft barbed brushes so that they do not damage your dermis. On the other hand, we will bathe you every one or three months, depending on the level of dirt, to avoid damaging the natural protective layer of your skin.

cane corso plays in grass

Although it is not an excessively active dog, the cane corso needs long daily walks to maintain its musculature and release the accumulated stress from the body. Three daily walks are recommended, about 30 minutes each and, if possible, accompanied by physical exercise. You can also combine outdoor outings with activities related to smell, which generally promote relaxation and well-being.

Its possession is recommended in rural areas where they can exercise and show their natural behavior, however, it is not a dog that must live abroad, its coat is very fine and sensitive to calluses. You must have a soft bed at all times.

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