Cane Corso: Behavior and character

cane corso : the look
Cane corso

The Cane Corso is a dog that is slightly longer than tall.

it is a robust dog with strong muscles.

Its tail is relatively wide at the root and attached rather high.

In addition, since 2016 it is no longer allowed to cut the tail of the Cane Corso.


king cane corso dog with his owner
king cane corso dog with his owner

Agile and reactive, Le cane Corso is a very good watchdog. He will remain a very good guardian, protector of his family

and his group, but must absolutely be socialized from an early age to avoid aggressive or extreme behavior.

his rather guardian character will therefore require establishing a good relationship with his master, good communication and good education.

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king cane corso dogs

The life expectancy of a Cane Corso revolves around 12 years. His energetic and sporty nature allows him to stay in great shape most of his life. It is a dog at the same time robust and strong, which does not know particular health problems.

Strong and sturdy, it does not present any particular problems, but certain dogs of the same breed suffer from coxo-femoral dysplasia, a condition that must be watched closely.

useful accessories:


Regarding the bowl, it should be noted that this is a cane Corso dog accessory which must be personal. At a minimum, your dog should have two bowls. The first bowl will be used for food, while the other will be used for water. When your dog has finished eating, it is recommended that the food bowl be removed. On the other hand, for the water bowl, the device must be arranged and filled with fresh water.

What budget for a Cane Corso?

king cane corso black dogs beside lake

Acquisition cost:

On average, it will take € 1,000 to adopt a Cane Corso.

Maintenance cost:

On average, it will take € 60 / month to meet the nutritional needs of Cane Corso with good quality kibble. It is also possible to offer him household rations.

Mutual health:

Animal health insurance should be taken out so that potentially significant veterinary costs are not an obstacle to the possible care to be provided. Insurance of around € 30 / month will be considered, depending on the insurance companies as well as the formula is chosen.

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