Cane Corso Breed :

Variety standards include the following:

  1. Large muscular body. Males are 64-68 cm tall at the shoulder, females 60-64 cm. Weight 40-50 kg.
  2. Big head, broad forehead. The muzzle is shortened and the forehead transition is obvious. The lips are drooping and the chin is broad. Scissors bite or underbite.
  3. The eyes are black, brown, oval in shape with dark liner. The expressions are very expressive.
  4. The ears are triangular and drooping. must be fixed.
  5. The tail is high and thick at the base. Not rising from behind, not twisting. must be fixed.
  6. The forelegs are muscular and strong. The back has long thighs. Cane Corso spreads out, swings.
  7. The coat has no distinct undercoat and is short. The skin is elastic and dense. Colors Black, Gray, Brown. Some dogs of this breed have white spots on the paws and chest.