The Cane Corso is a very intelligent and energetic dog. Curious, he is a dog who loves to learn. He will need stimulation throughout his life, both physical, through long walks, as mental, through games or even new smells.

He will appreciate a garden, however, he will be able to adapt to apartment life if he can go out daily and let off steam. If he knows how to be calm at home, when it’s time to play, it’s never the last! Very attached and close to his master, he is an affectionate dog with the whole family but distrustful of strangers.

The Cane Corso is also a good watchdog. He will not hesitate to protect you in case of danger.

Cane Corso strong points:

cane corso
cane Corso
king corso
king corso
cane corso puppies

What you might not like about Cane Corso:

Black king Corso dog
big cane corso
big cane Corso
Cane Corso attack

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