Cane Corso: +10 things What you might not like about it

by Didaros

The Cane Corso is a very intelligent and energetic dog. Curious, he is a dog who loves to learn. He will need stimulation throughout his life, both physical, through long walks, as mental, through games or even new smells.

He will appreciate a garden, however, he will be able to adapt to apartment life if he can go out daily and let off steam. If he knows how to be calm at home, when it’s time to play, it’s never the last! Very attached and close to his master, he is an affectionate dog with the whole family but distrustful of strangers.

The Cane Corso is also a good watchdog. He will not hesitate to protect you in case of danger.

Cane Corso strong points:

cane corso
cane Corso
  • Calm
  • Balanced
  • Confident. A good Cane Corso should not be fearful. Most of the time, this disorder stems from inadequate education.
  • Affective with loved ones.
  •  Deterrent. In principle, He is not unnecessarily aggressive and will seek to intimidate in the first place. This dog is discerning when properly educated. It’s up to you to enrich your knowledge of the outside world in order to make an excellent watchdog and protection dog, capable of making the difference between real danger and a friendly encounter.
king corso
king corso
  • Vigilant
  • Protective. Puppy has to be friendly with everyone. When he reaches adulthood, around 18 or 20 months, his very marked instinct will naturally take over. You should especially not intervene at this level to speed up the process. You would make him an unstable dog.
  •  Clever.
  •  Versatile. cane Corso can practice many sports activities.
cane corso puppies
  • Very tolerant of children. Please note that any dog ​​can react badly to a child’s inappropriate behavior and should never be left alone without supervision. However, the cries, the agitation, the unexpected reactions of children are better managed by a calm and balanced race than by a reactive and nervous race. It is not a license to do anything. Children must learn to respect their dogs.
  • More attentive to their master than the majority of other large mastiff breeds and therefore easier to train. He will try to please you and adapt to your expectations if you take his needs into account.

What you might not like about Cane Corso:

  • A strong personality who needs a consistent and constant master in his requests.
  • Need for authority without violence.
Black king Corso dog
  • Must be familiar with the maximum of possible situations from a very young age in order to be able to develop his faculties of discernment.
  • Dog training courses are a must.
    Requests physical and mental activity to be able to stay balanced. It is less demanding than a herding dog, but do not take it for a “Hogwarts”. He is an active and intelligent dog who wants to work.
  • Slow physical and mental maturity (more than two years). You have to be patient.
  • The cohabitation of a male with a congener of the same sex and equivalent size can be difficult.
  • cane Corso can be aggressive in front of other big bucks in public places, stay alert!
  • Supports loneliness badly when it lasts whole days. He is more a bodyguard than a pure watchdog. If you have to leave it alone, share it with others.
big cane corso
big cane Corso
  • He signals his presence and warns his masters when an intruder is approached. In the evening and at night, this trend will be even more marked. If you live in a densely populated area, its loud barking could disturb your neighbors. It would, therefore, be preferable to have him sleep inside your home where he will show remarkable wisdom.
  • In any case, a watchdog will always be more effective inside than in a garden where thieves can try to poison him by throwing food at him or sending him a ball surrounded by barbed wire for example. It will be much less easy to get rid of a dog already on guard, alerted by the sound of the intrusion.
  • Like all large dogs, it could push or scratch young children without wanting to harm.
Cane Corso attack

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