what do you know about Cain Corso Dog ?!

The dog is considered the best friend of the man. Over time, the dog has been a human companion. More than a companion, the dog goes to several functions: police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, shepherd dogs and the important guard dogs with us.
Whatever its breed and the main function it presents, the dog deserves quality training. You don’t have to be a specialist to train your dog. You can perform a few activities that will teach your dog to behave.

characteristic of the Cain Corso Dog

The Cain Corso dog is a well-balanced and intelligent dog, but the most striking characteristic is its extreme attachment to its owner. Generally, calm in everyday life, he can be vindictive, Cain Corso dog is a vigilante who knows how to be forgotten, always alert, ready to jump if he swears it is necessary, he barks very little, but signals his presence ( a real bodyguard for the whole family). Not very dominant with other dogs, he can be intractable if he is provoked.

largest cane corso
largest cane corso

His education :

The Cain Corso dog needs from a very young age a strict education set up with gentleness and patience, we must show him the limits not to be exceeded.
 It is a playful dog, generally, of a playful character, it is always ready to make the 400 moves and spares no stupidity to its master. It is strongly recommended to have a garden (where to take walks regularly with him) so that this athlete can exercise. I would say to conclude that he has a fairly late maturity (around 3 years) his education must be progressive and without brutality, patience and love will be much more profitable.

Cain Corso Dog

The Cain Corso dog does not question the authority of its master and is fairly flexible in character with a fairly high tolerance threshold, which is not negligible in a family setting. Very close to his master and his family, calm and patient with children. It is the versatile dog par excellence! It adapts to all living environments. He can do everything: keep the house, play with the children without any brutality, run by your side or simply be the best family dog! With all that he is a really nice dog, safe, balanced, easy to live with, a fantastic companion with whom we fall in love with the second for his deep kindness and his good nature. Cain Corso Dog has a fairly large physical potential which makes him quite sporty.

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