Do you dream of a high companion like a pony? It’s almost possible. Except that it is of course not recommended to climb on them. Some dogs can reach 1 m at the garrot! Note that not all are good guards and that their impressive size does not necessarily guarantee security, even if it will often be a deterrent!

We present to you 5 large dogs, with their average size at the end of the slide (male than female).

German mastiff:

Despite his size and impressive appearance, the great dane is not a dangerous dog. He is even one of the most peaceful mastiffs. Affectionate, even a pot of glue, he loves and seeks family life. His passion for children makes him an excellent companion dog.

The only dark point, the great dane does not live very old. But the game is worth the candle: the love it gives you is related to its size.

Anatolian Shepherd:

The Anatolian shepherd is a real mastiff but as balanced as frank and constant. He is also devoid of any aggressiveness, constantly keeping control over his emotions.

He always remains distant from strangers but can be friendly with people he knows well.


The Leonberger is an impressive but balanced and calm dog. But calm does not mean apathetic: he has the respondent if an intruder comes to annoy his family.

The Leonberg is the ideal dog for families: it is both gentle and protective, guardian and companion of all games. His protective instinct allows him to entrust his children to him knowing that no stranger is likely to approach him.


In the Great Plains of Russia, the Borzoi was a great hunter, capable of defeating a wolf. Since then, his physique has become lighter and his character has softened.

It is a fairly calm dog as an adult, and it can spend long hours lounging in its basket. He appreciates the comfort and tranquility of the interior of the house.

Big or biggest Cane Corso:

biggest cane corso
biggest cane corso

The coat of these animals is quite dense and short. Therefore, this dog is ideal for warm to temperate climates. It could hardly adapt to extremely cold climates.

In addition, its adoption is recommended for owners who own houses with gardens of considerable area. The Corsican cane stays on its territory, it needs to burn energy and has a lot of vigor.

If you decide to opt for this dog, you will have to get used to long walks. In short, the big cane Corso is a muscular dog, ideal for protecting homes with terraces or gardens located in temperate or hot areas. We cannot expect great signs of affection from them, but a lot of loyalty and protection.

biggest cane Corso

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