Cane Corso is a very good keeper, shaped by centuries of history and in addition, it imposes! But it is far from being reduced to that…
This article, written with the help of a Cane Corso owner, will help you find out if this dog breed is right for you.
Cane Corso for sale, Cane Corso to give, Cheap Cane Corso… beware of classified ads for Cane Corso, a trendy dog breed and therefore a victim of its success.

two king cane corso dogs
two king cane corso dogs

Tips for educating a Cane Corso:

king cane corso dogs with his puppy
king cane corso dogs
  1. don’t wait. He must be taught everything that is possible from his first months, even if he is a calm dog, a priori without behavioral problems, even a dog that one would almost forget because he is so wise.
  2. Above all, do not use force, on the pretext that it will become imposing later and that you will have to “dominate” it from the start. You would have it all wrong. With this kind of education, not only do you risk damaging the relationship with your dog and losing his confidence, but you also risk making him suspicious of you. It is much more judicious to teach him basic commands (sit, lying, come back, stay, not jump…) to make him a very good dog.
  3. one should not seek to develop distrust towards strangers, which he already has naturally to defend his place of life. You just have to give him time to grow up and assert himself.

Educate Cane Corso from an early age

cane corso black
cane corso black

Têtu de nature, le Cane Corso, même s’il s’agit d’un chien agréable à vivre, a besoin d’une éducation adéquate. Celle-ci est d’autant plus importante au vu de son poids, qui peut atteindre les 50 kg, et qui le rend difficile à maîtriser physiquement à l’âge adulte s’il n’est pas coopératif. Les premiers mois de sa vie sont donc déterminants, et c’est à ce moment qu’il est primordial de soigner son éducation et son apprentissage.

cane corso black
cane corso black

Les maîtres mots pour réussir le dressage du chiot Cane Corso sont incontestablement fermeté et rigueur. Mais attention, comme avec tout animal, à ne pas faire preuve d’une sévérité exagérée et à ne pas éduquer le chien par l’intermédiaire d’un rapport de force, au risque d’obtenir l’inverse de l’effet escompté.

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