Education most often involves the use of games in order to develop all of one’s senses. Cane Corso Dog needs to learn the limits you allow. Thus, training must be done from an early age so that it can more easily obey adulthood.

Cane Corso Dog

After a few weeks, the Cane Corso can explore the world through walks. However, it is important to accustom him to wearing a leash so that he learns to behave well when he is out. He should also be accustomed to cleanliness by rewarding him with a treat when he goes outside. Traditional orders such as sitting or lying down may require a period of assimilation. You just have to repeat the exercises hundreds of times so that he memorizes them all. Do not hesitate to work with treats, education is always faster for fun.

This mastiff must perform an important exercise which is the training of the recall. Indeed, this exercise allows him to come back to you in all circumstances.

The practice of sport is a fundamental element for the dog to be in good physical condition. It’s also a fun activity! Physical exercise can mean daily walks or jog with your master. It’s good to know that he really enjoys the outdoors and running. On the other hand, be careful with the dose of sport you give him. The more you do sports with him, the more enduring and demanding he will be!

If Cane Corso is a puppy :

Black Cane Corso
Black Cane Corso puppies

As soon as the Cane Corso puppy arrives at home, rules of life and limits should be put in place that the Cane Corso puppy must not exceed. Some examples: ban on going to the stage, ban on climbing on the sofa, not begging at the table, etc.

But all these prohibitions will have to be reinforced by “authorizations”. Let’s explain: for example if you do not want your dog to climb on the sofa, rather than forbidding him to climb on, teach him to go to his basket.

If Cane Corso is an Adult :

Cane Corso Dog

Adopting an adult dog is no different, just take into account its past, its sometimes painful or difficult experience and offer it a more serene environment.

It takes a lot of patience and observation to recreate a relationship with an adult Cane Corso dog. First, you have to get to know him, meet his needs and have a respectful and confident attitude to hope to gain his trust.

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