Origins of Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has a long and glorious history and is in a way a treasure of ancient Rome. He descends directly from the molosses (Canis Pugnax) who accompanied the Roman legions and fought lions and gladiators in the arenas.

cane corso black & brown
cane corso

These dogs were later used as watchdogs for cow herds and for hunting big game and bears. Saved in extremis from extinction in the seventies, the breed was officially recognized and protected in Italy in 1979 and its standard was published by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1996. But today it is only found in the south of Italy, in particular in the region of Puglia where he keeps the farms.

two king cane corso dogs
two king cane corso dogs

The Cane Corso can now be used as a search dog in the rubble after the earthquakes that regularly hit the Italian peninsula.


king cane corso dogs with his puppy
king cane corso dogs

The cane Corso has the reputation of being a very good guardian. He is docile with his masters, but because of his great size and power, he must receive a good education. He is not very athletic, but active and needs to exercise regularly.

Recommended accessories for the corso cane

When you welcome a dog for the first time, it is normal to have to buy some accessories to adapt to this new cohabitation. Some people will be anxious about all the possible choices: perhaps you are afraid of buying a product that will break too quickly (despite the high price!), Or even putting the safety of your dog at risk. This is why Lebernard has written guides for the purchase of the main dog accessories, such as:

cane corso with accessories
cane corso

The dog cage
Dog collar
The dog leash
Dog toys: KONG, interactive bowls, frisbees…
The dog water fountain
The dog bed (as well as the heating mat and the cooling mat!)

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