In terms of height and weight, the 10 biggest dogs breeds in the world. Size, shape, color, personality, and the goal of raising a dog are the most beautiful and exciting things in owning and breeding a dog. Over time, humans have added many different dogs from different geographic locations to play certain roles.

From hunters to guards, from herds to companions and friends. For some of these breeds, size is an important factor in finding perfection and excitement for dogs, whether it is to hunt large or fast-eating animals, to protect the house with little intimidation, or to keep large dogs in the cool The place where life is low in the environment.

Bully Kotta

Bully Kotta – a large fighting dog originally from the east. It is also called Pakistani / Indian Mastiff. It is known for its difficult personality and complex socialization characteristics. Despite this, the owners claim that it is difficult to find a cute and more gentle pet. Are they right? How safe is it to keep a large dog vulnerable to aggression in the home? let’s go

bully kotta

French Mastiff

The name of the breed is French Masstif A kind of biggest dogs. The oldest type of French dog has the characteristics of courage, extreme loyalty, protection, and friendliness. The French M dog is considered to be one of the most powerful M dogs. It has a large head and rich eyes. It is the owner of the largest head among all canine animals.

French Mastiff size measurements:

The height of the male dog
58 – 69 cm
Month dog height
58–66 cm
The weight of an adult male dog
50 – 65 kg
Feminine dog weight
45 – 60 kg
middle age
5 – 8 years

Cane Corso Dog

This dog is a perfect masstif dog and a great protector, accompanied by great sensitivity and affection. This is a dog whose size is impressive and shows great wisdom. Cane Corso is perfect for family use but it will still require a lot of daily physical expenditure.

Biggest dogs
Cane corso dog

Origin: Italy
Size: Male: 62 to 68 cm, Female: 58 64 cm
Weight: 40 to 50 kg
Coat: Short, shiny, very tight, soft

Caucasian Shepherd

We belong to a large breed of Caucasian dogs, usually raised in the Caucasus region close to the Caucasus Mountains, this dog breed is used for guarding in these mountains; compared with other types of dogs, it is characterized by muscular and long hair, so The female Caucasian dog is 64 cm in length and 45 kg in weight, while the male dog is 68 cm in length and 50 kg in weight.

Great dane

The newborn Great Dane is considered one of the best dogs in nature. They are very gentle and kind pets who like to play and relax with children. They are eager to please, which makes them easy to train.

The male Great Dane is 76 to 86 cm long and weighs 54 to 90 kilometers. The female is 71 to 81 cm long and weighs 45 to 58 kg. Some dogs may be smaller or larger than the average size.

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