massive and powerful, the “king cane Corso”, or Italian court dog, impresses as much by its build as by its character filled with sweetness. But who is he really? We take stock!


Under its appearance as a mastiff, the king cane Corso is a dog that couldn’t be more pleasant to live with. However, he needs an experienced master who knows how to deal with this dog with amazing intellectual abilities. Here is all there is to know about this giant with a big heart!

The contrasting character of the king cane Corso :

Cane Corso is reputed to be fairly calm and rather wary. Protective, lively and dominant, the king cane Corso also wants to be affectionate with those around him. Very loyal to its masters, the animal does not hesitate for a second when it comes to defending its family.

A mastiff physique :

The king cane Corso has an imposing and athletic physique with a body a little longer than tall. Very muscular, he weighs on average 45 kilos but can however reach 60 kilos.
Her coat is short and her dress can be black, gray or fawn and present several gradations of color. It usually has a white spot on the chest. And, surprisingly, it almost does not lose its hair and does not drool, unlike other mastiffs!

A sturdy dog :

king cane corso

The king cane Corso has an impressive size and a life expectancy of around 12 years. However, despite certain robustness, it can be subject to joint problems, in particular hip dysplasia, common in large dogs.

Furthermore, its food must imperatively be of excellent quality in order to meet all the needs of this, particularly energetic dog.

Physical characteristics of Cane Corso

It is a kind of mastiff, very powerful and agile, of the molossoid family, very fashionable for some time. Medium or large, the king cane Corso imposes by its powerful musculature and its muscular mass. Adult males can weigh up to 50 kg.

king cane Corso Italiano

His hair, short without being short, can wear different dresses: black, lead-gray or light, but also slate or fawn.

Character and skills of king cane Corso dog:

dogs king cane corso
dogs king cane Corso

The descendant of the Roman mastiff, he must be educated very early, and with great firmness. He served to protect houses and herds, and kept his guardian instincts: if he is gentle and docile with his masters, he can become very aggressive with strangers. Once educated, despite his mastiff-like appearance, the king cane Corso makes an excellent companion, including for the children on whom he watches with attentive care. He knows how to be calm and can live in an apartment, provided he is out regularly.

King cane Corso mastiff training

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