The price is usually between US$900 and US$2,000. This is designed to have a good pedigree and health check but not high enough standards. This does not mean there is a problem, but they do not meet the breed standard to show the level.

cane corso puppy

Those with performance quality usually sell for US$2,500 to US$4,000, but may rise to US$8,500 (if they have a good pedigree, which drives up the price). The pedigree is the proof of the dog’s owner that the dog is a purebred dog and comes from an excellent pedigree. Breeders of demonstrative pedigree will have to pay more for the use of male dogs. Keeping them at the display level also incurs operating costs. The net effect is that the Cane Corso that exhibits quality is easier to reproduce and will be passed on in the purchase price

Cane Corso Puppy Costs

Cane Corso is not an ordinary ordinary variety. He is a powerful, intelligent, and confident dog with an intimidating appearance and a calm, quiet nature. Cane Corso may dominate the world of guard dogs, but is gentle and laid-back when with family. What is the price of Cane Corso? According to our research on well-known breeders in the United States, the average cost of Cane Corso is US$2,000-3,000. The biggest factors affecting its cost are pedigree and color. You should be wary of Cane Corso that sells for $1,000 or less. In the following, we will look at actual prices, understand what to look for among breeders, and provide some tips on preparing to welcome your new puppy into his forever home.

Breeder Location Price
Omaggio Cane Corso Kennels Colorado $2,000
Cane Corso Project North Carolina $3,000
About Time Cane Corso Italiano New Mexico $2,250
Riverbluff Cane Corsos Tennessee $2,000
Windy Pine Cane Corso Wyoming $3,000

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