Cane Corso temperament

Cane Corso temperament is loyal and confident dog. These suitable hunting and herding dogs are descended from the ancient Roman Molosser. An old name taken from rural activities. The temperament of Cane Corso makes them ideal for protecting property, livestock and family, and in war. The Cane Corso is also distinguished by his intelligence and […]

are cane corso good with kids

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Before you consider bringing a specific breed of dog into your home, it’s important to know if it’s right for your family, especially if you have children at home or plan to have children in the foreseeable future. Are Cane Corsos good for kids?The Cane Corso is a powerful dog whose roots go back to ancient […]

cane corso when to crop ears

crop ears

Home For Cane Corso owners, clipping their dog’s ears is a personal choice. Cropping Cane Corso’s ears is a common practice and can be done for aesthetic or other reasons. Looking back at the breeding history of these dogs, this is just a given. Why? Cane Corso dogs’ ears are not inherently floppy – these […]

Cane Corso Advantages and disadvantages

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Cane Corso Breed : Variety standards include the following: Large muscular body. Males are 64-68 cm tall at the shoulder, females 60-64 cm. Weight 40-50 kg. Big head, broad forehead. The muzzle is shortened and the forehead transition is obvious. The lips are drooping and the chin is broad. Scissors bite or underbite. The eyes […]

How to recognize a Cane Corso

cane corso with his owner

The cane corso is a dog breed that originated in Italy. Strong and observant, he is an excellent watchdog. Although this animal is actually gentle and gracious, his impressive figure has earned him an overrated reputation. Loyal and loyal dog, he can’t stand the long separation. In appearance, Italian style dominates. These Mediterranean dogs are […]

Cane Corso Size 150+lbs – Weight, Height, Chest, Length

king cane corso size

what’s the size of Cane Corso? All dogs in the world are known for their height and weight. Owning and raising a dog is the most beautiful and exciting thing, which includes size, shape, color, personality, and the goal of raising a dog. Over time, humans have added many different dogs from different geographic locations […]

5 Biggest Dogs in the World

Biggest dogs

In terms of height and weight, the 10 biggest dogs breeds in the world. Size, shape, color, personality, and the goal of raising a dog are the most beautiful and exciting things in owning and breeding a dog. Over time, humans have added many different dogs from different geographic locations to play certain roles. From […]

How big do Cane Corso Size get

cane corso size

How big do Cane Corso Size get?..Wonderful guard dog. Loyal to its owner and family, but reserved for strangers. It has a natural protective effect. He can distinguish between enemies and friends. Usually a quiet dog, However, if he encounters a strange situation (for example, a person near the house), he will start barking. He […]

Cane Corso VS Pitbull who’s the best

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who’s the best Cane Corso VS Pitbull 🙋‍♂️Hello Friends in this video we Compare Characteristics of two Popular Dog Breeds, Pitbull VS Cane Corso. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏 if you have read this description: write us a motivational comment or suggest something about the post. #canecorso #rawfeeding #canecorsopuppy #guarddog #pitbull . Pitbull Dog: […]

How Much Cane Corso costs

cane corso costs

How Much It Costs To Own a Cane Corso or a King corso dog? I often get asked how much my Cane Corso costs. But the question that should be asked is how much does it cost to own a Cane Corso. I go over all the expenses broken down per month so you know […]